viernes, 18 de abril de 2008


Citizen participation is a term widely used in politics, this helps the legitimacy of democracy. The citizen participation in politics is "the ability of citizens to influence the course of political events" 1. Moreover, they are all actions that contribute to the construction of political, and interference in affairs of government. For this it is necessary to know, both our role in the community that satisfied, as the duties of the entities and individuals a way or another, part of a public service; us being suppliers in the performance of the functions of government.
As mentioned Act 375 of 1997, in its third article, "is understood by the young person between 14 and 26 years of age. This definition does not replace the age limits set by other laws for teenagers and young adults in those guarantees criminal protection systems, civil liability and civil rights. "
Scepticism marking youth in the face of politics is becoming less, but not enough, most believe that the "political" or better "politiqueros"2 have dominated our country, our city, and that nothing can be done and that never changed, or in the worst case, the young man who wants to become a political for "politiquear".
Nor is the participation by voting in elections by young people is very low compared to the national average. In general cynicism toward politics is an evil in our society, example is that the same young people who were excluded in his youth and had the same negative thought against the policy, resulting in an adult under the same conditions, but so are our rulers to young people, this potential election, which does not believe, which has no convictions, and it would be easy to convince, and it shows in every election time when bringing shows and concerts, and shows that are " priority, "the theme of youth, and then forget all the promises, but in the end, the case is not so much to make them, and mourn on what has already happened, but what are we doing about it?, Colombian is always looking for problems and the guilty, but do not seek solutions and how they can be part of them.
In all situations, or discussions that a couple wants to do, and even more in the political part, it is because it affects us directly, the people are described as having a horizon of being disoriented, thinking that a young person should not think and less act, but it is not, many of us have come to realize that we must act and it is time to do things for which we believe and we want them to do and not continue with the mentality is that "this has nothing to do … me. "

¿But what are we doing about it? This helps us as we reflect on the reality, as we try to change the situation and to show that we are not really about children, who can easily be confused, we may be young but we are not naive.

1 Sabucedo, Manuel, Psychology political factors that explain the turnout, Chapter 6: Political participation, pp. 165.
2 "politiquero"means the person who changes the meaning of being political, who is serving his community, to avail himself of the community.

  • Show and awareness among young people both caleños as Colombians, the importance of participation in matters of public interest, exalt our rights and fulfill our duties as a youth and Colombians.
  • Explain how participation in government agencies or non-governmental organisations, increase the chance of having a greater citizen control over public affairs. And as young people together, we can make significant changes in the creation of public policy that not only we cover, but also across a broad area population. Also be aware of the policies that regulate us, and give us a voice and a vote, and we do as part of the shaping of these policies.
  • Describe the process of how they conducted the Constituent Youth in the city of Cali, convened by the Municipal Council of Youth. Besides the proposals were, after meetings of youth, youth organizations and schools in different tables conclusion, in order to bring such proposals to the constituent, and inclusion in the municipal plan of development for Cali in the period 2008 - 2011

In order to develop my two specific goals, I must investigate different sources, whether virtual library of articles, books etc..

Texts research or information which treats issues of young people in politics can be limited with respect to the activities by some of the organizations for young people. But if there are a lot of technical texts that often have not been implemented, but like, with great importance to this investigation as it is the law of youth or law 375; also know the current bill youths , is being reviewed by the Constitutional Court after being approved by the current president.
A text great way to help me understand the role, we are playing young people today, is updating the public policies of youth, which count with the participation of 60 delegations, like colleges, corporations youth municipal secretaries , youth associations, foundations and others.
In addition, I will apoyare in the diagnosis on the reality of the young people of Santiago de Cali, conducted in March 2006 by the Ministry of Territorial Development Welfare. This diagnosis based me, in more detail with regard to the policy of youth in the city of Cali.
I hope, through this essay, give awareness of the importance of participating in the spaces provided and citizens who are open, so that we take part of the reality of our city and our country. For more examples, are municipal councils Youth, which open those spaces for projects of inclusion for all and not just a few involved, but we too can feel that we are part of a large system and that we playing where we should not be remote, but be followers of our policy.